Services Extension

We are glad to inform you that CCI continues to extend the range of its services. In 2017 we implemented the whole range of laboratory tests used to determine the metallurgical properties of iron ore pellets.
Among them are:

  • determination of iron ore reducibility by the recovery rate index according to DSTU ISO 4695;
  • determination of the free swelling index of iron ore pellets for blast-furnace raw materials in accordance with DSTU ISO 4698;
  • determination of reducibility by the index of the final degree of recovery according to DSTU ISO 7215;
  • dynamic fracture tests during recovery at low temperatures according to DSTU ISO 13930;
  • determination of the relativereducibility according to ISO 7992.


At the present moment a lot of work is being done to study possible factors which affect the metallurgical properties of pellets, including the mechanical strength of the pellets.