13.07.2017 The workshop “Practical implementation of the elemental analysis of industrial materials in accordance with European standards.” was organized 13.07.2017 by the Testing Laboratory of Modern Certification and Inspection CCI, together with Spectran Company.

In the first block of the seminar there were reviewed the general concepts about X-ray fluorescence analysis, the possibilities of this type of analysis, usage of Rigaku spectrometers for elemental analysis. In addition, there were presented in detail the structure, methods of sample preparation, necessary equipment and the requirements of the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9516-1 Iron ores – Determination of various elements by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry / Iron ores. Determination of different elements by X-ray fluorescence method;
  • ISO 12677 Chemical analysis of refractory products by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) – Fused cast-bead method / Refractories. Chemical analysis by X-ray fluorescence method using fused alloy discs;
  • ISO 2958-2 ISO Cement – Test methods – Part 2: Chemical analysis by X-ray fluorescence / Cement. Test methods. Chemical analysis using x-ray fluorescence;
  • ISO / DIS 13605 Solid mineral fuels – Major and minor elements in coal ash and coke ash – Wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometric method / Solid mineral fuel (coal). Determination of macro- and microelements in ash by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

Particular attention was paid to the implementation of these methods in CCI laboratory with a full assessment of the accuracy, correctness and precision of measurement methods and results.

Participants of the workshop seminar provided their samples and in the second part of the seminar they had the opportunity to see and try to independently prepare samples by fusion with flux and analyze them on the X-ray spectrometer.

We want to express our sincere gratefulness to all our guests for taking part in the workshop-seminar and hope that our meetings will become a good tradition.