Iron, manganese, titanium, chromium and other types of ore, agglomerates, pellets, ferroalloys.

In 2017, CCI LLC implemented the whole range of laboratory tests to determine the metallurgical properties of iron ore materials including:

  • determination of iron ore reducibility by the reducibility rate index according to DSTU ISO 4695;
  • determination of the free swelling index of iron ore pellets for blast furnace raw materials in accordance with DSTU ISO 4698;
  • determination of reducibility by the index of the final degree of reducibility in accordance with DSTU ISO 7215;
  • dynamic fracture tests during the reducibility process at low temperatures according to DSTU ISO 13930;
  • determination of the relative reducibility according to ISO 7992.


CCI The testing laboratory performs the following tests:

  • grain size analysis;
  • compressive strength;
  • actual, bulk, temped density and porosity;
  • mass loss during ignition;
  • mass fraction of moisture, hygroscopic moisture;
  • mass fraction of total, metallic iron, iron oxide, ferrous iron;
  • mass fraction of total manganese, manganese dioxide;
  • mass fraction of chromium, chromium oxide (III);
  • mass fraction of total carbon;
  • mass fraction of sulfur;
  • mass fraction of sodium and potassium oxides;
  • oxides of calcium and magnesium, oxides of silicon, aluminum, barium;
  • mass fraction of phosphorus, vanadium, nickel, copper, lead, titanium, cobalt and other elements.