CCI Company specializes in the quality and quantity inspection of goods transported by land and sea in the Azov and Black Sea regions with the issuance of relevant reports and international certificates.


The CCI staff has got vast experience in sampling at all links of the technological chain starting from the places where materials are accumulated and ending with port operations.
All works on sampling and qualitative analysis are performed in accordance with existing domestic and international technical standards (DSTU, GOST, ISO, ASTM).

The customer should chose the regulatory framework for specific works by himself.


We provide the following services:


Quantitative inspection of goods:

  • calculation of the amount of loaded / unloaded cargo according to the draft of the vessel (draft survey method);
  • execution of a cargo tally bill during unloading from wagons, loading onto a ship;
  • presence at control weighing of wagons;
  • determination of the amount of bulk cargo by surveying.


Inspection of goods before / during / after cargo operations:

  • preliminary inspection (visual and documentary control of the cargo preparation for cargo operations as well as the cargo documents);
  • inspection of packaging conditions and marking during cargo operations;
  • inspection of sealing / unsealing of hold closures, railway tanks, wagons, containers, cargo securing / unloading;
  • inspection of cargo reloading (container wagon, wagon-vessel, vessel-wagon, container-wagon, etc.);
  • inspection of cargo spaces before / after loading / unloading operations;
  • making photos and video accompanying any of the above mentioned inspections.


Inspection of cargo quality (visual inspection, cargo identification, sampling and analysis):

  • incoming quality control of goods upon arrival at the warehouse (unloading from wagons, ships);
  • quality control of cargo at the warehouse (stack, storage, bunker);
  • cargo quality control during loading (into a ship, wagons, etc.).


Reports and certificates

Any inspection is finalized by issuing an appropriate certificates and international reports in Ukrainian, Russian or English, which containing complete, objective and reliable information about the implementation process, regulatory framework and the inspection results.

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