Quality Policy

Our mission is to minimize risks in the production and merchandising with various industrial products by means of independent inspection.

The main goal of CCI’s activity is the most complete satisfaction of customers’ needs by ensuring and obtaining complete, reliable, reproducible and objective results during inspections and tests, competence in evaluating the results obtained, compliance with regulatory documents, legislative acts, compliance with the deadlines, as well as the continuous studying the degree of the customer’s satisfaction and his needs.

CCI is not a developer, manufacturer, supplier or consumer of any products which it tests.

CCI LLC is administratively and financial independent and is able to perform the functions of a “third party”. Thus it guarantees impartiality, neutrality and detachment in the company’s work.

In the course of its business CCI is in full compliance with the adherence to anti-corruption principles and transparency, free access to the information about the company’s activity with a full guarantee of customer confidentiality. Observance of moral and ethical standards in relations between interested parties is a basic principle of our activity.

These principles are featured in the Quality Policy:

Declaration of Independence and Impartiality:


Privacy Policy:


In our work we are guided by: