Cotecna Inspection S.A. (Switzerland)

Inspection services in the field of commercial inspections, trade financing as well as government inspections.

Phone: +41 22 849 69 00

Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products


A full range of laboratory services to determine quality and safety of agricultural products, food testing, alimentary and agricultural raw materials.

Phone: +38 044 526-4504; +38 044 527-8854


Vilmar Control Ltd. (Bulgaria)

Inspection services and survey.

Phone.: +359 526 01 674


SPECTRAN – Equipment for laboratory testing


Representative office of Rigaku (Japan) in Ukraine.

Spectrometers and diffractometers for analyzing chemical and phase composition of materials. Recommendations on choosing the optimal model and configuration for analytical tasks of a customer, recommendations for choosing equipment for sample preparation, development of measurement procedures. Warranty and after-sales service.

Phone/fax: +380 61 224 04 78

Phone:        +380 67 614 24 96




Coal Engineering Company (UIK)


Development, manufacturing, implementation, supply and servicing of sampling, sample preparation and analytic equipment for coal, ore and other products quality control. Engineering solutions for every definite customer considering his technical requirements.

Technical consultations:  +38 050 476 06 93; +38 063 476 06 93


Research Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and X-ray Structural Analysis
NVP TOPAZ-TECHNOLOGY, LLC (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute)

The laboratory evaluates the content of chemical elements in samples of ores, minerals, slag, sludge, construction materials and non-metallic samples, etc. The Laboratory also provides micro-X-ray spectral analysis of chemical composition, quantitative and qualitative X-ray phase analysis of materials, measuring of hardness and fracture resistance, metallography. The laboratory is accredited in accordance with DSTU ISO / IEC 17025.

Phone: +38 098 920 91 13


Ukrainian Pellet Union

Creation and development of the solid biofuel industry

Phone: + 38 044 384 21 88; +38 067 621 23 22