Inspection services

CCI Company has an extensive experience in quality and quantity evaluation of various products at metallurgical and coke chemical plants, processing plants, coal mines, railway stations and river and sea ports of Ukraine.

CCI LLC is not a developer, manufacturer, supplier or consumer of inspected products, thus CCI LLC has administrative and financial independence and functions as a “third party”.

Experience shows that the presence of CCI inspectors acting as independent experts disciplines both suppliers and consumers. The result of such activity is the declining number of disputes when the representatives of the manufacturer are called in and the number of defective products returned to the supplier is significantly reduced.

The presence of our inspectors during manufacturing processes contributes to compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents and the lack of low-quality products manufacturing.

All CCI staff has received excellent professional training and has got vast experience in inspection services.

The main list of inspection services provided by CCI, LLC:

  • quality inspection of different products (including sampling and sample preparation of batches of products under inspection);
  • different products quantity inspection including survey measurements and tally;
  • inspection of the condition of goods, packaging, labels, containers, cargo bodies, etc .;
  • loading / unloading inspection;
  • inspection of documentation;
  • preliminary inspection (visual and documentary control of the cargo preparation process and documents);
  • inspections which confirms availability and quantity of the cargo; evaluation of the stock-in-trade;
  • inspection of sealing / unsealing of bilge closures, carriages, containers; checking marking and packing of different products;
  • inspection of cargo spaces before / after loading / unloading operations;
  • quality control at industrial companies during choosing the products, the procedures of loading / unloading;
  • monitoring compliance with production requirements at different stages, according to customer requirements;
  • product identification;
  • analysis of information obtained at various stages of the works performed in order to compile a full report; making reports on the results of inspection at various stages of the works ordered, photo and video fixation accompanying any of the abovementioned inspections;
  • other services agreed between CCI LLC and the Customer.

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