Solid mineral fuel, brown lignite coal, bituminous coal, anthracite, oil shale, briquettes and similar types of solid fuel obtained from coal, anthracite, lignite. Coke and semi-coke, pitch coke, other carbon materials, thermoanthracite. Peat Graphite.

The testing laboratory of CCI LLC holds the leading position on the lab market especially in the field of quality tests of solid mineral fuel. It deals with a wide range of carbon-containing materials and performs the following tests:

Technical (general) analysis:

  • general moisture;
  • ash content;
  • total sulfur;
  • volatile-matter content;
  • superior and inferior calorific value.

Elemental analysis:

  • carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen;
  • sulfur: pyrites, organic, sulfate;
  • trace elements: chlorine, arsenic, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, etc.

Petrographic analysis:

  • vitrinite reflectance index;
  • maceral composition;
  • oxidation.

Plastic properties of coals, coking ability:

  • determination of plastometric indexes by Sapozhnikov plastometer (x, y);
  • plastic properties on the Gieseler plastometer;
  • coke type determination by Gray King;
  • free swelling index;
  • coal caking power of bituminous coal by Roga test.

Mechanical tests:

  • grain size composition;
  • Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI);
  • mechanical strength;
  • density (real and apparent);
  • washability, indicators of float-and-sink analysis.

Other types of tests:

  • ash chemical composition;
  • ash fusion point;
  • pH of an aqueous extract;
  • reverse and active acidity of peat;
  • coke reactivity index (CRI) and coke strength after reaction (CRS);
  • number of other tests.