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Contemporary Certification and Inspection CCI has a wide experience in organizing quality and quantity estimation of coal and other products at metallurgical and coking plants, coal-preparation plants, mines, railroad stations, river and sea ports.

The Inspection Body performs the following functions:

and other services as agreed between CCI and the Customer.

Contemporary Certification and Inspection CCI is not a vendor, supplier and consumer of the production under inspection, hence the Inspection Body is administratively and financially independent and is able to perform the function of the “third side”.

Our experience testifies that the presence of our staff acting as the independent experts disciplines either suppliers or consumers and as a result, the number of disputable situations, when representatives of the producer are sent for, decreases as well as the volume of the defected production returned to the supplier.

The Inspection Body staff has the vocational training and the experience in inspection. They constantly advance the skills at different companies in Ukraine and abroad.

Contemporary Certification and Inspection CCI meets all modern requirements in quality and quantity testing of coal and other production. We possess all the necessary materials and skilled stuff. Our company is independent from both sides (supplier and consumer), does not have any commercial or any other interest in the processes or production under estimation.

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