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1. General information

Company divisions represent interests and authorities of the company in the Azov and Black Sea regions.

Specialization: quality and quantity inspection of cargo shipped overland and by sea with issue of corresponding reports, returns and certificates of international standard.

2. Services

Cargo quantity inspection:

Cargo inspection before/during/after freight operations:

Inspection of cargo quantity (visual check, identification of cargo, sampling and analysis):

3. Laboratory, staff and standards

Fully equipped CCI analytic laboratories are situated in the ports of Mariupol and Nikolaev and allow performing basic analysis for determination of quality characteristics of different materials.

The laboratory staff has wide experience in sampling and analysis performing in every part of the technological chain beginning from the places of material storage and finishing with port operations (mining, processing, storing and sale).

All the works on sampling and analysis determining quality characteristics of the cargo are performed in accordance with the available national and international technical standards (DSTU, GOST, ISO, ASTM). The Customer is the one who chooses the normative base for the certain work.

4. List of the cargo and materials we work with

5. Returns, certificates and reports

Each inspection is finished with a corresponding certificates and reports of international standard in Russian or English and contain complete objective and reliable information about carrying-out process, normative base and results of inspection performed.

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