Participation in the Scientific and Technical Conference of Blast-Furnace Metallurgists, June 2019

In June 2019 representatives of CCI Company took part in the 28th Scientific and Technical Conference of Blast-Furnace Metallurgists of Ukraine with a report on the topic: “Metallurgical properties of iron ore products”.

In 2002, our specialists already took part in the similar conference of Blast-Furnace Metallurgists, which was help in Yalta. The report was about the need of determination the metallurgical properties of blast-furnace coke by CRI-CSR indicators. CCI was the first company in Ukraine which acquired the equipment for CRI-CSR Test and worked on it rather successfully. So, in 17 years this analysis became the main indicator of the coke quality for Ukrainian blast-furnace metallurgical industry.

However, similar tests revealing the metallurgical properties of iron ore are not widely used by the Ukrainian blast-furnace metallurgists for today.

“CCI” again gives impetus to the blast furnace. For two years now, we have successfully determined the metallurgical properties of iron ore according to five ISO standards: ISO 7215, ISO 4695, ISO 4696, ISO 13930 and ISO 7992. We hope that these quality indicators will also be used by domain owners, as well as the CRI-CSR Test. This is a huge resource to improve the blast furnace process, to increase the consumption of pulverized coal and reduce the consumption of coke.

You will find more detailed information in the section «Research activity».

We express our gratitude to the service for technology and quality of LLC METINVEST HOLDING, the management of PrJSC MK Azovstal and the Association UKRMETALLURGPROM for the opportunity.