Clarification regarding the operation of interstate standards (GOST) in Ukraine

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine recalls that since January 1, 2019, the vast majority of interstate standards (GOST), developed before 1992, ceased to be in force in Ukraine.

The need for GOST termination in Ukraine is determined by the Program of Activities of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. According to this program, in 2015 SE “Ukrniuts”, which performs the functions of the National Standardization Body, issued relevant orders to abolish GOST with ceasing to be in force during 2016-2018 and with a complete rejection from January 1, 2019.

During 2016-2018, the National Standardization Body received proposals to extend the validity period of some GOST standards. As a result, there were issued a number of orders which renewed GOST validity till 01.01.2020, 01.01.2021, 01.01.2022. In particular, the standards:

  • for the replacement of which national standards are being drafted;
  • references to which are in regulatory legal acts;
  • used in various fields of activity;
  • regarding a unified system of engineering documentation.

they were developed on the basis of international standards, versions of which are relevant, and which, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Section VI “Final and Transitional Provisions” of the Law, are applied as national standards.

Since in Ukraine it is impossible to continue using GOST standards the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine and the National Standardization Body strongly recommend that all interested parties who use GOST standards in their work use the recommendations of the Ministry for Economic Development and the State Company “UkrNDNTS” and find an alternative to GOST standards. These standards are actually regulatory acts of already non-existent state and contradict the innovations introduced in the field of technical regulation of Ukraine and Ukraine’s obligations to reform the technical standardization system provided for by the WTO Agreement and the Association Agreement with the EU.

At the same time, it is necessary to develop a national standard system to replace the relevant GOST standards. So, any interested party (authorities, manufacturers associations, enterprises, public organizations and other) can become a customer and order the development of such standard in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “About Standardization”.

Clarifications of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine regarding the standards application including cancellation interstate standards (GOST) in 2015:

Clarification of the National Standardization Body of the State Company “UkrNDNTS” regarding standards application, including cancelation of interstate standards (GOST) in 2015: